Margin Management

Camwheel administers and funds margin obligations for firms hedging their business risks with derivatives.

Enhances Liquidity

When margin funding is provided, Clients' financial resources are liberated for working capital and productive investment.

Preserves Flexibility

Clients execute their trades with the counterparties of their choice. Camwheel is solely a provider of margin services for those trades.

Client profile

  • Client type: Non-financial corporates
  • Client location: Global, subject to legal and bankruptcy regimes
  • Collateral currency: USD
  • Typical collateral requirement: USD 5-50 million
  • Risks hedged: Interest rates, foreign exchange and commodities
  • Example industry sectors: Manufacturing, natural resources, transportation, agriculture, utilities, real estate, technology and healthcare

How we work

  • Level of service provided is tailored to the Client’s expected trading activity and exposure profile.
  • Camwheel administers, evaluates, pays and receives initial and variation margin for Client’s trades.
  • Margin funding is available subject to an agreed maximum amount.
  • Client can trade futures, options or OTC derivatives with its usual counterparties and intermediaries. Camwheel is not a party to Client’s trades.
  • Cash flows associated with Camwheel's service can be structured to fit the Client's liquidity needs.